07 November 2011

my top 7 online stores

Today just a list of my favourite online stores and what I like to shop there actually. Hope you like it!

1. H&M
of course here is also a store where I could go but sometimes I'm not in the mood. I buy there anything and I think most things fit true to size.

2. Dorothyperkins.com
love the style. It's not to expensive and great to buy basic pieces.

3. Topshop.com
For me there are a lot of things to expensive but the pieces are sooo great, so if I'm really falling in love I buy it, even if it's not cheap. It's also a great way to get inspired for outfits :)

4. missselfride.com
fantastic girly clothes. If I want something romantic I take a look there. I have to say the the clothes are running ofthen small to size.

5. asos.com
something for everyone I would say. A lot of different brands and you can search for star styles. I also love that they give you style suggestions to there pieces. 

6. Modcloth.com
omg most fantastic vintage pieces ever! The dresses are so cute and the jewellry is amazing. For me is the shipping a little expensive so I have to buy more things for one order so that it's worth it. 

7. forever21.com
I love the store because they have a lot of different styles and it's cheap. If you like a trend but you are not sure if it lasts for a long time, forever21 is a great opportunity to spend not too much money on it. For me, again, expensive shipping. 

I also like Mango and Zara but I prefer to go into a real shop because I dont really like there online shop. Whats your favourite online shop? Tell me, I would love to know and to find new places to shop! :)
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  1. nice post dear!!my favorite h&m and forever 21!


  2. Hey Patrizia,
    Du hast aber wirklich einen schönen Blog, den wir jetzt unbedingt verfolgen müssen :)

    Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn auch du bei uns vorbeischauen würdest :)


    Vielleicht gefällt dir unser Blog ja so gut, dass du ihn auch verfolgen möchtest :)

    Viele Liebe Grüße


  3. Top Shop is a great one, also net a porter is :)


  4. All your picks are my picks!!



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